Monthly Archives: July 2016

Reduce Energy Usage AND Stay Comfortable.


With the warm weather finally arriving in Calgary, I can hear the hum of air conditioning units as I walk down the street. This is by far the largest energy consumer in a home and can drive your electricity bill through the roof if not managed. The good news is that there are many ways of keeping the cost under control while keeping you comfortable at the same time. The key is to keep it simple, have a device or system manage it for you, and do it right. Solutions that are complex or ineffective are really just a waste of time and money.

Here are a few ways to easily reduce your energy usage:

  • Install a learning thermostat like NEST – The thermostat “Learns” your schedule, detects when you are home and when you are away. It is truly a smart device and is one of the easiest to use.
  • If you have a security system that is connected to (ADT, Protection, Intelligent Homes Canada, and many more) you can add a low-cost thermostat that connects to, and works with your security system. Actions such as arming while away or leaving the house can be setup to adjust the thermostat while you are out.
  • If you have an older security system, you can (in most cases) add a home automation controller that will give you the ability to do everything these new security systems can do and more with little to no monthly fees. Now you can connect and interact with thermostats, door locks, garage door, lighting, water sensors, shutoff valves, Audio/video, and more. All from your mobile device.

Regardless of your security/system provider, installed systems, etc, as a leading provider of home automation in Calgary, Intelligent Homes Canada can help you select the right technology to get control of these costs. In some cases we will tell you that you have it covered and you don’t need to add anything at all.