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Introducing UltraSync


Introducing UltraSync by Interlogix.

This panel is truly a game changer in the industry. A security panel that connects to a wide range of wireless (and wired) sensors as well as your thermostat, door locks, garage door, lights, and more. All without the extra fees traditionally associated with “Interactive Security”. It also supports scheduling, automations rules & tasks, as well as geo-location.

This system connects to the UltraSync server via internet. If it is connected via wired, or wifi, there are NO MONTHLY Fees. You can interact with the system using your mobile device, adjust your thermostat, control your door locks, lighting etc.  If connected by cellular communication, there is a small monthly fee starting January 1st 2017.

You read that correctly, free cellular communication until the end of the year. We like the program so much, we decided to match it. Purchase an UltraSync package and there are no fees for monitoring or communication until January 1st, 2017. The system can be monitored by our central station or it can be “self monitored” where notifications are sent via email.

Have an existing system? No problem, we can easily swap the panel, connect all your locks and even re-use all your sensors. Our monitoring packages start at $9.99/month.