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DIY Security Systems


smarthome_wphone_phoneihIntelligent Homes Canada now offers DIY Security Systems.

Due to popular request we now officially offer DIY security systems. Anyone can go to the “Big Box” stores and purchase all kinds of home automation, cameras, thermostats, light switches, etc. There are some security offerings, but it is difficult to purchase an industry standard system that can be connected to a central station for monitoring. Most suppliers / wholesalers will not sell to the public. Even if you find a way to source the equipment, you then need someone to monitor it, and many companies want a multi-year contract… Until now.

We work together

We help you layout the system, select door, window, motion, water sensors, etc. We program the panel, set up the communication to the central station, test it and send it to you. The physical installation is easy. Mounting the panel is like hanging a picture. Some sensors are “Stick on”. Once you are setup, we schedule a call to test it and verify communication to the central station. That is it. You now have a system just like ones installed by the “Pro’s” with no long-term agreements. If you move, you can take it with you. You can cancel at any time. We even provide a certificate for your insurance company so you can get your insurance reduced by up to 25%.

The system grows with you.

Now you are in control and can adapt the system as your needs change. Add smart locks, a thermostat, lighting and more. We will send you the installer code so you can make the changes. Want to be notified when a door opens to let you know the kids are home from school, or when the door to the liquor cabinet is opened. The possibilities are endless.

Have a system or moved into a house with a system?

2gig-cntrl2-345We can activate almost any panel. If yours looks like the one to the right, we can activate it for far less than the original provider. Some companies (I think the name starts with a V) assume that you believe they are the only option and want to charge you $70-$80 per month with a 36 to 60 month contract. We can activate that panel for as little as $19.99 per month, no contract. If you want interactive services (mobile device access), we offer starting at $19.99/month. They are the biggest and best in the business and the same provider that almost all of the other security companies use.

Insurance Discount – Monitoring Fees = Cash in your pocket.

If you go through the trouble of installing a security system, make sure it is monitored. Most insurance companies will reduce your insurance by 15% to 20% and in some cases give you a 25% discount. In most cases, the discount is more than the monitoring fee.


Check out our DIY Security page for more info.