Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Danalock V3 has Arrived.

We just received the first shipment of Danalock V3 units and it was worth the wait. These new smart locks are beautiful, smaller, stronger and faster than the previous version. They can be installed in about 5 minutes and works with almost every deadbolt on the market.

Once installed you can:

  • Autolock the door after a specified time. Never wonder if it is locked, it locks itself.
  • Auto unlock as you arrive home. No fumbling for keys or your mobile device, the door unlocks for you as you arrive.
  • Provide permanent, recurring, or temporary access to friends, family, cleaners, etc. No more handing out keys.
  • More…

To celebrate the release of the Danalock V3 we are offering a coupon for $50 off at our DIY online store. Simply fill in the form below and a coupon will be sent to you. Once you have your coupon, head over to the store and purchase your lock before we run out. This is the first production run of these 3rd generation units and we had to share it with the rest of the world, so supply is limited.