About Us

Intelligent Homes Canada is dedicated to designing, implementing and maintaining cost-effective, easy to use home and building security & automation solutions in the Calgary area.

Our approach is different from other providers. Contract or no contract, it’s up to you. No games, No pressure to “Upgrade” all the time. We carry multiple brands and help you find the right solution to fit you short-term needs and your long-term goals. We earn your business through spectacular service, honesty, and the best selection of equipment. Not long-term contracts.

Our product lines include:

  • ClareControls for Home Automation.
  • 2GIG & Alarm.com or UltraSync for Interactive Security.
  • Security System Monitoring from one of the largest providers in Canada.
  • Cameras and Surveillance systems
  • Doorbell Cameras.
  • A large variety of Z-Wave devices.
    • Lighting Control.
    • Water sensors.
    • Water shutoff valves.
    • Door & Window sensors.
    • Door Locks.
    • Garage Door Control.
    • more.
  • Pulseworx.
  • Simply Automated.
  • Thermostats from Nest, Honeywell, and more.
  • A variety of other components and parts to complete your installation, such as:
    • TV’s, AV receivers and Speakers.
    • TV & Speaker mounts.
    • Cabling (Cat5/6, HDMI, Audio, etc).
    • Specialty items such as wired and wireless HDMI extenders.

Our services range from small specific setups such as wall mounting a TV or connecting the audio system in your new home to completely integrated automation systems. Contact us today to find out more.