Automation and Security Add On’s

Once you have decided on a Home Automation / Interactive Security solution, you are just getting started. You now have the power of automation rules, notifications, control with your mobile device and more. Intelligent Homes Canada can assist you in deciding what to add and how to add it.

Door Locks & Garage Door Control

Door Locks are a great addition to the system. They are a key component to setting up that "One Button" that will arm the security system and lock all the doors. No more lying in bed wondering if you locked all the doors because you did with the press of a button. You also can receive notifications when a door is unlocked. Great for letting you know the kids are home from school or your house keeper has arrived. The ability to control them from your mobile device is great for letting a maintenance person or guest in while you are out or running late.

Lighting & Appliance Control

Never Enter a Dark Home Again...

Simply replace some switches and add appliance and lamp modules. You can now have it setup to turn on the lights when the door is unlocked. While you are away, you can have the lights scheduled to go on and off at certain times. Turn the coffee pot on the morning and more. Save energy by having the lights shutoff when you leave.

Cut the Garage Door Power at Night

One of the simplest and most valuable additions is to add a device to control the power to your garage door opener. It may be a wall switch if you have a switch in place already, or a plug in module. Then you can set a schedule to turn the power off at say 11:00pm and back on at 6:00am. This will prevent anyone from opening your door with a code scanner or an opener that may have been stolen from your car parked outside. The most common method for stealing vehicles is to break into it, open the garage, enter the home as people often leave the door to the garage unlocked, then grab the keys that are usually kept close to the door. This low cost add-on will completely eliminate this threat.

Add a water sensor and even a shutoff valve.

It takes very little time for a water leak to cause an enormous amount of damage. It is easy to add a water sensor to alert you of water is detected on the floor or even if it is flowing in a pipe when there should be no flow. We can even add a automatic shutoff valve. a 15 minute water leak could easily exceed the cost of this protection. The sensors are wireless and it is easy to install multiple units.

Climate Control

Experts believe that approximately 50% our a home owners utility bill is directly related to heating and cooling. We have a wide variety of thermostats from, ClareControls, Honeywell, Aprilaire, Nest and others. The system can automatically adjust the thermostat at night, when you are away, when you come home, etc. Reduce your energy cost without compromising comfort.