DIY Home Security

One of the ONLY sources in Canada for high-end systems that YOU home security canada

For the majority of the DIY crowd, Intelligent Homes Canada is THE provider of real DIY home security packages in Canada. The average consumer is becoming more tech savvy and at the same time, security systems have become incredibly easy to install.

Easy to install

These systems are NOT like the retail, consumer grade DIY security systems you find at the “Big Box” stores. These are the systems used by the biggest names in the business and are only installed by professionals… Until now.  Some of the sensors are “Peel & Stick”, other may require a hole or a screw. Not nearly as complex as running 1,000’s of feet of wire to a central panel in the utility room.  Now you attach the panel to the wall, add power, then place sensors where you need them. If you not sure what you need, we provide FREE assessments on where to place sensors based on your needs.

New DIY Home Security

Printultrasync_self-contained_-hub_r151465Tell us your goals, needs and we will offer a couple of options. Once you decide on a system, we program it, setup the monitoring with the central station, and ship it to you.  The location of each sensor will be clearly marked on each box.  You install it and schedule a time for a phone call where we test the system, communication and answer any outstanding questions. Now you have a system that is as good or better than the ones installed by the “Pro’s” and you are not tied up in a multi-year agreement at high rates.

Existing Panel Activations

gc_panelsIf you already have a system with another provider or just moved into a home with a system, we can help. We have activated systems from AD*, V*vint, Pr*tectron, and others, and are saving people lots in monthly fees. In some cases, we replace the panel and reuse the sensors. It is that easy.  We can also activate the popular GoControl / 2GIG GC2 & GC3 panels.

If your provider refuses to unlock the cell modem as many do (V****t), in an effort to keep you hostage. No problem, we will provide a new one for only $159. If you pay for your first year of monitoring in advance, we give it to you for FREE. From then on, it is yours, and we will release it upon request.  You will never be bound to us or held hostage.  Now you are free to enjoy an Interactive Gold Plan for much less than you are paying now.

We can even swap out the modem for you at no additional cost. Just ship the panel to us. We update the firmware change the modem, replace the faceplate removing any old provider logos, test it and ship it back to you.

We do the heavy lifting.

The only part of the process that requires some advanced knowledge is the programming and ensuring that central station has the correct data. We do this for you and run the walk test with you to ensure the data flows all the way to the central monitoring station. Almost anyone can install one of our DIY security packages.

The Best Protection Available at a fraction of the cost.

The problem with other DIY home security systems is that a central station does not monitor the system and there are no insurance benefits. With us, there are no compromises. We provision the panel to connect to or UltraSync depending on the hardware.  The alarm signals are forwarded to one of Canada’s largest wholesale monitoring companies that currently monitors over 100,000 systems in Canada with 5 data centers across the country.  You install the hardware, we configure the panel and monitoring info for the central station so help is dispatched when you need it. We also provide a letter/certificate for your insurance company so can get your insurance reduced by 15%-20%. In many cases, the insurance discount covers more than the monitoring fee.

Some of the lowest Rates In Canada, starting at $0.00 per month

Not only do you escape the never ending cycle of contract to contract, but you also get some of the best rates as well. Some beleive that the alarm industry has become a racket, and Intelligent Homes Canada is changing that perception. We offer some panels that can be “self-monitored” with no monthly fees, yet still provide interactive services.  You can even add door locks, thermostats, lighting, etc. You can also create rules, automation & schedules, and access all of it with your mobile device.

For those that want to use services, our plans start at only $19.99 per month.  No long term commitment and no termination fees.