Low Fees…Why Not NO FEES?


One of the biggest concerns that I hear about is the high monthly fees with respect to interactive security systems. Initially it seems reasonable when you get this new high tech system for free. After a while some people don’t use it as much as they though they would and are looking at the monthly charges that range fro $60 to $100 per month. What ever happened to basic system monitoring for $19.99 per month?

Clare Controls has the solution connect your basic security system to a Clare home controller and get myClareHome Premium free for life. Now you can use you mobile device to control almost anything in your home, create scenes and schedules with NO monthly fees. The best part is that Clare Controls has far more capabilities and connectivity than the systems offered by Vivint, ADT and others.

myClareHome premium is free for life only until July 1st, 2016. After that it will be $12.95 USD per month. Still a great price for a great service.


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