Need a New Security System… Probably Not!


People may tell you that you need a new system, you may think you need a new system, but there is a good chance that you don’t.

This strategy (technique, approach, method, racket, call what you will…) has been around as long as security systems and monitoring contracts have been around.

The idea is this:

  • You are contacted by a security company (phone, door knock, etc). If you have a system, they will ask how old it is. If your answer is 4 years or more, it’s game on.
  • They will then try to convince you that you need a new security system and they will give you one for free.
    • The new one will be more reliable.
    • The battery life will be better.
    • You should have this new “digital” system.
    • It has cellular communication incase the phone lines are down during a break in (This can also be easily added to existing systems).
    • The list goes on and on…
  • All you need to do is commit to this multi year deal (typically 48 months) where you pay an inflated monitoring fee to cover the cost of the free equipment.
  • It seems fair, you get a brand new system and pay for it a little bit at a time over 4 years.

What is the problem:

  • Chances are ( are they are betting on it) that you will forget the contract expiry date and continue to pay the inflated rate.
  • What will the fees be after the contract expires and the equipment is paid for? Few, if any will provide a price or even estimate prior to signing.
  • If you do remember to call them, they will often offer to upgrade you to the latest equipment and start new 4 year contract.

Here is the interesting part. You probably don’t need a new security system, unless your system is very old. I have a system that was installed in 2006 and it works great.  If it works fine, just ensure that it is monitored by a reputable company for a reasonable price. If you want to add additional capabilities like lighting control, door locks, smart thermostats, etc, all you need to do is add a home automation controller like the Clare Controls Cliq Mini and you will have the capabilities of the new security panels and much more at a lower cost.

A low cost home automation controller will connect to:

  • Your security system
  • Lighting
  • Door Locks
  • Garage door controls
  • Thermostats
  • Water sensors & shutoff valves
  • Shades & Blinds
  • AV Receivers
  • Audios systems such as Sonos
  • TVs
  • Mobile devices and remote controls
  • More…

If you are considering a new security system, or you have an “Off Contract” system, contact us first. We will help you by assessing your needs and offering recommendations. In most cases we can cut your cost by close to 50% with no long term commitment!

We don’t:

  • Try to sell you a new security system unless you really need one, and even then, we have a variety of options.
  • Offer free equipment based on long term contracts.

We Do:

  • Offer a variety of solutions so you can select the one that right for you.
  • Work with you to determine your long term goals, so you can select the right equipment and grow with it.
  • Clearly explain the pros and cons of everything we offer.
  • Provide best in class equipment, service and monitoring from the best in the business, all at reasonable prices.

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